Yaron Ilan

My Books

Improve with noise

There is nothing to fear from noise. It is our friend.

"Improve with noise" is the first book to highlight noise and describe how we can make the most of it. It provides a new set of glasses to see the world differently. You become more aware of what is happening around you. The book describes the constrained disorder principle, the CDP, through a series of examples, a novel method to describe every system in our world. The book shows you how to deal with noise, from relationships, careers, marriage, art, music, and philosophy to physics, investments, reading, business development, and running small and large organizations

Chaos me!

The way chaos improves your creativity and enhances your life!

Our brains adapt so readily to training regimens, that such routines lose their benefits over time. This book explores ways to get past these obstacles by setting aside order and routine and seeking what many tend to think of as anathema to normal living – chaos. This chaos which is achieved by mixing up the brain in a figurative blender, can improve its neuron connections and by doing so, help develop greater creativity and open up new ways to enhance life and living.